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Landhaus 2

Frank & Probst Architects designed a building which above all else had to fulfil its designated purpose as a functional building of bureaucratic offices; a bright, contained, friendly building where citizens felt accepted and at home. Instead of forcing these functional necessities into the already existing building (and closing the perimeter block development on Heiliggeist Street) they created a dignified architectural gem-of-gems which nevertheless fits neatly into its quite heterogenous surroundings. In such a way did the five-story ‘Landhaus 2’ take up its position in the streetscape surrounding Heiliggeist Str. as an appendix to the Parliament. It boasts space for a tree-lined plaza in front which lends it dignity and respect. Visitors walk through a low passageway and find themselves confronted by a spacious, roofed inner courtyard so bright that viewers are startled. The interior is dominated by warm hues of reddish larchwood which frames the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass windows encircling the inner courtyard. Another passageway coming from the west leads to this inner epicentre as well. And in the east wing, a ceiling-high atrium planted with greenery opens wide. Together, they provide natural light for the offices of the 380 employees, as well as an extremely amenable working climate which simultaneously broadcasts a pleasant message of openness. The atriums also serve as temperature buffer zones, reducing heating and cooling costs. And while the interior of the state government outpost known as Landhaus 2 is dedicated to transparency, the exterior aluminum-panelled front of the building, expressed as a perforated facade, appears cool and self-sufficient. The tight rhythm of serrated aluminum plates superimposed on the wall pilasters, combined with the alternating story-high window ports of equal width, generate the building’s strong character.

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local construction supervision, law on construction site coordination: Malojer Baumanagement Gmbh & Co
PURCHASING AUTHORITY: Neubau Landhaus2 Innsbruck
OVERALL BUILDING COSTS: € 41.200.000 ,00