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Construction management is our passion and has been for nearly three decades. The biggest capital we possess are our employees. They are the ones who create and sustain a successful company. Each one makes a unique contribution to the success of the whole. As a high performance, internationally active Tirolean company, we are always on the lookout for reinforcements to our team in the form of new employees.
For that reason it is important for us to support, further and challenge our employees, and offer them long-term perspectives. As an international company, we provide multi-faceted, fascinating chances for employment and advancement. It is our goal to find the right set of tasks for each employee, and the right employee for each set of tasks.
To prepare each individual for the challenges which will face them in the future; and support them in attaining their own personal goals, that is the objective of Malojer.

We offer the opportunity to work independently and dynamically within a highly motivated team on exciting construction projects both in Austria and abroad. You can become part of an expanding company which offers you perspectives and possibilities of development and ongoing training.