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By interconnecting building site, architectural ideas and economic aspects, Malojer creates all-encompassing, socially responsible, environmentally friendly projects.

Remaking and revitalising already existing buildings in top locations and, a further step, planning and realising modern buildings of architectural sophistication are among our core competencies. Three criteria shape our top priorities: the building must obtain its orientation from the surroundings; it must fulfil its function perfectly; it must maintain a sustainably high standing. Using these factors as our standard, a wide array of building projects are conceived, completed and maintain lasting status.

Paramount quality combined with all-encompassing service: from purchase of the building lot, to planning, financing and executing, extending even further to subsequent sale or rental: it’s all part of the overall programme of Malojer services.

  • Visionary architecture, economic planning
  • Visions turned to reality through renovation or new construction
  • Real estate of outstanding market value

  • Accompanying supervision and control
  • Utilization and rental, with focus on customer wishes


Every building project is optimally coordinated: from initial conceptual stage to envisioning the ultimate property, all the way to the final wrap-up stage.

Successful project management is like the smoothly-turning wheels of a well-tuned machine. At Malojer, the wheels fit perfectly, ensuring that we adhere to budget projections, calendar dates and arranged communications with those participating in the building project, from planners and organisers to companies performing the execution all the way to government agencies and public offices. Ongoing tasks and results are meticulously documented, requisite steps are taken in orderly fashion in good time. Thus, optimal progress of each building project is assured. 

Professional cost management assures ongoing budget control. Both the builder and the project director are kept up-to-date on each item of sub-contracting and accounting, thus are in an ideal position to supervise and control costs. Scrupulous accounting and billing is the final step in conscientious cost monitoring. Our objective has been reached if deadline dates, quality and costs coincide with the expectations of the client and client satisfaction is thereby assured.



Malojer Architecture and Planning Department is an innovative, creative supplier of services in the sector of superstructure engineering and interior design.

Seen close-up, our performance extends from feasibility studies to design and approval-plans all the way to complex planning of details and execution.
Highly professional architects and construction engineers with long experience support the project directors and project managers at each step of the way. Due to the company’s highly integrated and interconnected departments, even complex large-scale projects can be achieved which reach preeminent levels of sophistication.

This efficient project management agenda, together with our employees, guarantee that projects are carried out to fulfillment without problems from the planning stage to ultimate realization. Internal coordination enables us to attain an achievement level which in turn provides the pre-conditions for complex large-scale projects. As General Contractor, Malojer is the guarantor of towering overall quality. The customer thus has a competent contact person at every stage of the way, for every aspect of construction. Inside the Malojer team, the planning experts work hand in hand, thus ensuring that the customer receives optimum, well balanced results.



Collaboration with architects, professional planners and final executors of the construction itself is carefully coordinated and supervised, that’s what enables us to adhere to the standards and fulfil customer demands.

By local supervision, we mean not only the overview of technical and/or schedule-adherence or cost-control matters, but the close collaboration with architect and executors of the building in order to reach the goal the customer has envisioned.

Professional and competent implementation of your project is the highest aspiration of the Malojer construction pros. Well-founded expertise in every single aspect of the project and its execution is the secret behind friction-free realization of every building project, while at the same time standing for the highest attainable quality of completion.

Building management by Malojer means technical, calendar-bound, cost-adhering on-site supervision of every task which contributes to the overall project.

Over the years Malojer has developed a keen sense, a finely honed sensitivity to the most varied possibilities of form and substance and how to go about grappling with them. From sophisticated architecture and building projects all the way to the dicey problems revolving around protecting historic monuments - profound know-how prevents stumbling blocks from ever cropping up.



Malojer planning and building coordination ensures that this legal requirement underlining safety on the construction site is fulfilled.

Every General Contractor in Austria, in accordance with Art. 3 of the Construction Laws, is compelled to engage a planning coordinator for the preparation phase and a building site coordinator for the execution phase, whenever workers are involved in different jobs on a building site either simultaneously or sequentially. The Austrian Building Site Coordination Law (in the national Construction Laws) implements the EU guidelines towards avoidance of accidents in construction work. 

Malojer planning and building coordination ensures that this legal requirement underlining safety on the construction site is fulfilled.
In the planning phase, the coordinator prepares everything for the smooth implementation of the envisioned project. A so-called SiGePlan, i.e. safety and health protection plan, is devised which forms the basis for all subsequent work, renovation and maintenance, as well as demolition measures, together with the implementation of the SiGe-Plan in the call for bids.

The building site coordinator bears the responsibility for the realization of this pre-construction task. He continually adjusts the SiGe-Plan, bringing the written documents up to date for later stages of the building project; coordinates the collaboration of various professionals; and pays close heed to adherence to legal safety laws.



Committed and liable only to the awarder of the commission, parallel control measures form an independent system of supervision in the sense of double control, i.e. the double verification principle.

As a secondary controlling authority, it also serves as contact spot for the General Contractor for economic business management, technical and organisational agendas, providing additional support as well as suitable, dynamic counsel. Quality assurance, early recognition and disclosure of discrepancies comprise the major tasks of the parallel control system.

Ongoing documentation of project development take the form of inspection reports. These contain the current status of the work in each stage of planning and execution, accounting, adherence to the schedule (comparing actual to ideal), quality control and proposals towards rectifiying any shortcomings which may arise. The principal receives a report in clearly arranged and comprehensible form about the current state of invoicing and accounting, current projected costs, supererogation and shortfalls, and the supplementary services ordered. In such manner, the principal retains the complete overview of building and accounting status for each and every sub-contractor, as well as a clear picture of the total.

We guarantee competence and highest quality standards, adherence to schedules and cost controls. As the fruit of our long experience, we know how to draw together all the wildly varied threads which go into the building process in friction-free manner, from pre-project phase to post-production processes. It is no coincidence that Malojer occupies the uppermost tier in the construction branch of Austria.



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